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Some good radio related web sites...

Other '..... Radio Stations' sites:

Northwest Broadcasters - includes a radio station listing covering North West USA and British Columbia, Canada

Darlington's Radio Dial - in NE England, inspired by these pages, by Paul Adams.

Devon On Air - your guide to stations available in Devon by James Vertigan.

North West Radio Stations, by Jonathan Whittaker.

Darren Nadin's Manchester Radio Stations page, originally inspired by London Radio Stations.

Andrew Garner's Sheffield Radio Stations, again inspired by London Radio Stations.

Listening to the radio in Edinburgh, Scotland, another one inspired by this site.

Los Angeles (USA) Radio Stations by Charles Hobbs, including real audio samples.

Washington DC (USA) Radio and TV Stations by Dave Hughes.

Johannesburg Radio Stations, with information supplied by John Anderson.

West Coast USA Stations by Neel Mehta

Other radio sites:

This Is ILR - fantastic nostalgia site for those that recall the early ILR stations - like London's LBC and Capital for example. Includes jingles.

RadioFeeds - "The Internet's most up-to-date list of UK radio stations simultaneously broadcasting on the web"

Justice FM, broadcasted to West London on 107.1 FM in August 1999 and again 19-30 July 2000 - Community Youth Radio Broadcasting.

Low power AM stations in the UK - broadcasting to a very small area, e.g. a university campus.

If you are travelling throughout the UK, not just in London, and would like to know what you're listening to, have a look at the list of radio stations broadcasting in the UK

Media UK Internet Directory - an excellent reference site with details of UK radio and television stations and newspapers.

The Radio Authority - a comprehensive site containing information about the licensees covered by the authority. The Authority licenses and regulates all commercial radio services. These comprise national, local, cable, national FM subcarrier, satellite and restricted services (RSLs).

All the stations on London Radio Stations are licensed but there are some pirate stations as well, broadcasting illegally.

UK-Radio mailing list - plenty of traffic (around 1500 emails per month) from enthusiastic radio people, many in the trade.

The Radio Magazine, radio industry news.

Most independent local stations broadcast the Network Chart Show on Sunday evenings, a pop chart show created to compete with the BBC Radio 1 version broadcast at the same time.

A good American radio site, Radio 411.

RAJAR - investigates UK radio listening figures, see our London Radio Stations - Listening figures for more details.

World Radio Network or WRN, they re-broadcast bits of other international stations.

The future? Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) is here, now and in March 1998 covered 60% of the population. In London Kiss 100, Liberty, Melody FM, Sunrise, Talk Radio and Virgin are broadcast by NTL and LBC, News Direct, Classic FM and the BBC's GLR are carried by BT. The BBC is broadcasting all 5 national channels and some experimental services too. See the DAB Directory for more information.

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London Radio Stations - Links

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